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SCAD Nexus

Project Role Show Producer

In February of 2023, SCAD Themed Entertainment Design MFA leadership sought a new project that students in the program could create. I pitched them a simple idea: an immersive exhibition with a small footprint that could be taken to conferences, networking mixers, and SCAD admission events. Over a ten-week course, I managed deliverables, schedules, and budgets. I also provided creative guidance and leadership to the class of undergraduate and graduate students.

The final project, called SCAD Nexus, showcases four different eras of themed entertainment, allowing guests to converse with characters from these eras portrayed through AI animated characters.

The Team:

Show Producer Noah Befeler

Software Engineer Hayden Allred

Show Writers/Research Erin Compton, Hayden Allred,
Sally Lindsay, Stefanie Perosa, Eben Scott

Concept Art Sally Lindsay, Vivienne Lapeyre

Graphics/Signage Gianfranco Ricci

Fabrication/Show Set Adriana Cecchini, Bethany Lavery, Coco Wu, Hannah Nagengast, Mica Peleg, Nourah Almanaa, Sophie Blood

Faculty Advisor Bill Gorgensen

Producing Advisor Chris Stapleton

Demonstration of one of the AI characters developed by Hayden Allred.


Budget 2 1.jpg
Budget 2 2.jpg

Schedule/Gantt Chart

Production Schedule.jpg
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