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Of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die

Project Type

Off-Broadway Theatre


October 2019


Line Producer/Marketing Manager


New York, NY


Lily Houghton


Kylie M. Brown

Normal Ave and Leigh Honigman present the world premiere production of of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die, a dynamic new play by Lily Houghton about the dangers of commercializing millennial femininity. The play follows Bluebell, Sweet Pea, Pumpkin and Bleeding Heart, four femmes bound together by their workplace, a windowless basement occupied by Free People. Allegiances are formed and spells are cast in this hilarious, poignant and topical take on how we navigate femininity and expression in a political and economic climate that are constantly at odds with each other.

"Of the Woman... is a relevant and amusing depiction of how modern feminism is not only commercialized by the media, but exploited by the masses." - Emily Stubbs, BroadwayWorld

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