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Indoor Person

Project Type

Off-Broadway Theatre Production


February-March 2020


Producer/Marketing Manager


New York, NY


Andrew Garrett


Kayla Martine

Indoor Person is a tragicomedy about Addie and Cleo, a modern-day high-functioning agoraphobe and the one who tries to keep her afloat. Addie can’t leave the house. Cleo can’t leave Addie. "Functioning" is a fine line, so fine that maintaining the balance just might be impossible.

“In Normal Ave’s latest venture the world premiere of ‘Indoor Person’ follows a high-functioning agoraphobe, Addie and the people in her life that are desperately trying to hold her together. What results is a tragi-comedy about mental illness, trauma and co-dependent relationships that I could not recommend more." - Katherine Hebert, OnStage Blog

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