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Haunted Experience | October 2023

Project Role Show Producer

Collaborators Ira Caro, Sergio Cedillo, Madison Demberg, Telfair Epperson, Belle Lee, Edellaine Legawa, Zinan Liu, Ashley Munro, Hannah Nagengast, Autumn Perretta, Gianfranco Ricci, Noah Samors

Scenic Contractor Jon Cooke/Plague Productions

Budget $25,000

Team Managed 11

Project Accomplishments

  • Coordinated budget, schedule, and presentations throughout a 3-week design/build

  • Maintained a high level of artistic integrity through several rounds of value engineering

  • Ensured cross-functional collaboration and communication between the design team, SCADpro, Palmetto Bluff, and our scenic contractor

  • Provided creative feedback and guidance to designers

  • Maintained onsite supervision of installation and rehearsal

  • Provided voice-over narration for the attraction's pre-show

Project Brief

It’s the peak of prohibition and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson take great pleasure in inviting you to their mansion for dancing and drinks under the cover of night. Evade the Wood Riders and wandering spirits to make it to the Wilsons’ party in one piece. Is a party ever worth dying for?


The Haunting of Palmetto Bluff was a partnership between the Palmetto Bluff community and SCADpro, Savannah College of Art and Design's professional design studio.

Filmed and Edited by Ashley Munro

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