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Off-Broadway | October 2019

Director Kylie M. Brown

Playwright Lily Houghton

Producers Noah Befeler//Normal Ave//Leigh Honigman

Budget $150,000

Team Managed 15

Project Accomplishments

  • Assisted the playwright and director in developing the initial concept and story

  • Budgeted for the development and production of the play; managed budget during the process

  • Managed production timelines, schedules, and contracts

  • Provided creative feedback and guidance to designers

  • Created and executed a marketing plan and coordinated with press representation

  • Maintained financial oversight during production and performances

Project Brief

The play follows Bluebell, Sweet Pea, Pumpkin and Bleeding Heart, four femmes bound together by their workplace, a windowless basement occupied by Free People. Allegiances are formed and spells are cast in this hilarious, poignant and topical take on how we navigate femininity and expression in a political and economic climate that are constantly at odds with each other.


"Hi Brittany! The design looks great, perfectly on tone for the piece. There is some chatter about removing the stage-right wall and adding 20 or so seats in a 2/4 thrust configuration. Let's talk through it at our next production meeting!"

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"Of the Woman... is a relevant and amusing depiction of how modern feminism is not only commercialized by the media, but exploited by the masses." - Emily Stubbs, BroadwayWorld

Production Photos
by Sub/Urban Photography
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