Noah Befeler




Multimedia Artist,

Occasionally Bearded,

Renaissance Man.

Hi there. It seems you've stumbled upon my website. Glad I purchased the unlimited bandwidth package so you could be here with me today. How are you? I'm good. A little tired, I guess. See, I was up all night designing this website. And now we're here, you and me together. Throughout my life, I've always been an entertainer. But you knew that, you already made it to my website.  When I got to college at Montclair State University, I chose BFA Acting (which I’ve discovered consists of a lot of rolling around on the floor in sweatpants and feeling things). In my Sophomore year, I become one of ten founding members of MSU’s official Improv/Sketch Comedy troupe “The Dirty 9." Sure, I could tell you about my internship at The Broadway League, or my 3.85 GPA, or my time working as an Assistant Director at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, but I just did, so why ramble? I didn’t write this letter to brag about my accomplishments. Those you can check out on my glowing resume. Please hire me.